Equipment Inspections & Field Service

AWS can provide inspection services for Air Pollution Control plants, Mist Eliminators, WWTP, Internal installation, Vessel modifications, even if the customer’s plant hasn’t been manufactured by AWS.

Many times components fail to perform as intended shortly after their construction. This is due to:

  • Inappropriate design for intended function
  • Materials selection and compatibility
  • Workmanship during construction
  • Lack of preventative maintenance
  • Differing conditions from design intent
  • Unintended usage

All of these factors, and many others, play a big role in a non-functional (or even failed) building element. The identification of issues and negative agents is the first step towards a meaningful, long lasting solution.

AWS offers a comprehensive range of tower services that include code welding work in order to repair, replace and product new towers and vessels.

Furthermore, we can provide mechanical, project and engineering services, Dry ESP & Bag House inspection and process evaluation.

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