Pilot Plants

A Pilot plant is a small-scale processing system, which reproduces air or water treatment full-scale plant, directly at the customer’s plant site (and with a little expense).
AWS pilot plants verify how our treatment could work on the customer’s plant, generating useful information on the effectiveness of a hypothetical real-scale plant. In this way, AWS engineers can design a new plant very close to the customer’s needs, according to the results of the employment of the pilot one.

The advantages of renting an AWS pilot plant are:

  • Comparison of different conventional treatment technologies for new plant construction or existing plant expansion.
  • Comparison of alternative treatment technologies.
  • Optimization of existing treatment processes.
  • Flexible and safe experimentation without the worry of potentially hazardous effluent quality going to the public.
  • Plant operator training and group training.
  • Establishment of design criteria with confidence, thus ensuring the best technical and economic choice.

AWS has various pilot testing plants available for rent on request:

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