The objective of our customer is the removal of SO3 moisture coming out of a dry-colouring production plant.

Before investing in a complete AWS Fiberwind plant, the customer asked for a prior test, in order to check the effectiveness of our proposed solution.

That’s the reason why we proceeded with the installation of a Polypropylene-Fiberwind pilot plant, frequently used for flue-gas treatment tests.

Here’s how we managed the installation of our pilot plant on an existing production plant:

Awscorp Blog Jan 2020 01
We sucked part of the flue gas from the main chimney and canalised it into our pilot plant.
Awscorp Blog Jan 2020 02
On the left part of the picture, you can see the flue gas coming out of the production plant. Below, in the green circle, you can see the gas-outlet coming out of our pilot plant. Can you spot the difference?
Awscorp Blog Jan 2020 03
Details of the gas-outlet. The fine white smoke is simply water vapour. The gas is now clean from pollutant elements.

Need flue-gas treatment solutions? What about testing our pilot plant first?

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