We are glad to introduce a new product of the AWS FiberwindTM family: the GX high-performance mist eliminator.

This special candle filter combines different layers that facilitates drainage of the liquid collected. Thanks to the different technical feature of each layer, the GX filter ensure an excellent reduction of the pressure drop, at least 30% lower than the conventional elements. Guaranteed 99% mist removal at design inlet mist loading for most applications.

As a result, an existing plant may use fewer filter elements at the same pressure drop. New installation can benefit from lower initial capital cost due to smaller vessel size and footprint.

Here the advantages of the special GX FiberwindTM filter:

  • Reduced liquid re-entrainment
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Increased flow capacity
  • Re-packable
  • Proven technology:
    • Experimental tests in a lab scale unit
    • Experimental tests in pilot plant
    • Successful installation on industrial production lines (H2SO4 industries and wet chlorine industries)

Still not convinced?

Think about the annual cost of electric power.

Our GX FiberwindTM will consistently reduce the overall plant pressure drop and this means reducing the energy required to drive the main blower, with an approximate payback as low as 1 year!

Don’t hesitate, contact us and ask the best solution for you!

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