AWS RELIABLE SOLUTIONS FOR CHLORINE APPLICATIONS The chlor-alkali industry produces basic commodity inorganic chemicals which are supplied to a wide range of final production industries, such as PVC manufacturing, sulphonation industries, textiles, pulp & paper and so on. The production of these inorganic chemicals inevitably involves the production of emissions and that’s where AWS can help with its reliable and cost-saving solutions. In this article you will find three different cases of chlor-alkali industries that relied on AWS FiberwindTM candles as the best solution for their WET...

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What’s the difference between Round Vs Honeycomb collecting tubes?The round type optimizes the space on land, moreover the round structure doesn’t need any additional reinforcement The honeycomb type optimizes the space, reducing the diameter of the whole bundle. Another advantage is that it is possible to build the bundle in different pieces, that can be assembled directly on site, therefore the honeycomb type it is highly recommended in case of WESPs with large diametersIn case of squared structure, it is mandatory to reinforce the corners, otherwise the structure won’t be stable.

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Close-up view of AWS Tidevane’s baffles. Each customer needs specific baffles-distance, we are happy to provide the best solution for everyone!

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Framed Tidevane Air-Intake mist eliminators that will be installed at the beginning of the production process, in order to filter the inlet air stream.Discover our wide range of mist eliminators on our website

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On the left: Quencher during assembly // On the right: Project completed and ready for delivery!The aim of Quenchers is to cool down the gas temperature using water: the contact between water and hot gas make the water evaporate, consequently the temperature of the gas decreasesContact us for more details!

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Here’s a couple of Tidevane mist eliminators that will be installed in a Pulp & Paper production plant. Thanks to the distinguished baffles, this filter easily separates fine droplets and drains the liquid away from the gas stream.Discover the different types of AWS Tidevane mist eliminators on our website

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The world of Fiberwind candles is limitless! The features of each filter are chosen based our customers’ requirements, together with the experience of our technical staff.In this case, the special carbon fiber media is suggested for applications that contain fluorides, high pH, or steam.

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5 years already passed since our WESP got installed in an incinerator (Sisteron, FRANCE). We rediscovered the related article, published by “Entre2sites” on March 2015, and we are glad the system is successfully working since then!The plant has been installed after the fire swept through the old electrofilter. AWS proposed its project after detailed studies, selecting the most suitable materials for the specific situation. Our customer chose our WET ESP for different reasons: Environmental: The wet ESP is the best solution to reduce emissions, dust, pollutants…find out all the features...

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HOW TO SEPARATE LUBE OIL MIST? THREE CASE HISTORIES FOR OIL MIST REMOVAL – TURBINE & COMPRESSOR SECTOR AWS can contribute to the solution of many pollution control problems caused by oil mist. The lubricated rotating parts of all gas and steam turbines, turbo compressors and vacuum pumps generate a visible oil plume which is to be removed from the air vented to atmosphere. The installation of a simple but effective mist eliminator on the lube oil vent solves the pollution problem and, by recovering the expensive oil, pays off the mist eliminator cost in a short period of time. In this...

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Different types of LOV oil mist eliminator

LOV50 on the left + LOV307F on the right, the difference between these two Oil Mist Eliminators is the different flowrate to be treated. LOV50 has a drafting side channel blower and LOV307F has a drafing centrifugal fan and both are needed to separate oil mist from the gas. The collected oil mist is continuously discharged from the filter and recirculated back to the lube oil tank /reservoir.

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How to reach optimal removal efficiency

Throwback of an interesting match of Venturi Scrubber + Double-stage Scrubber + Wet ESP In this project the customer needed to cool down/saturate the gas removing bigger dust particles by means of a venturi scrubber before the trays-Scrubber where HCl and SO2 are removed. The final stage is the wet ESP, whose aim is to remove the fine liquid droplets and fine dust particles. Thanks to this group of solutions, we reached an optimal removal efficiency.

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Our solution for vapor/gas distribution and liquid entrainment

AWS DISTRIFLOW™ Inlet Device is a safe and reliable technology, which ensures an even inlet gas distribution which is necessary in order to prevent any chance of channeling through the downstream devices.If you are struggling with vapor or gas distribution and liquid entrainment problems, this is the solution for you.

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LOV35 oil mist eliminator

LOV35 Lube Oil eliminator is a safe, flexible and economical equipment for the treatment of lube oil mist, usually installed in Turbine & Compressors industries. One-stage process: the lube oil mist passes through a brownian movement candle filter with special fibers that collect oil mist particles.

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Centrifugal deduster

Installation of a Cyclone (Centrifugal deduster, or even called cyclonic deduster) aimed at the rigeneration of exhaust oil.Operation field: Refinery Incinerator Contact us and find more about our different solution for air pollution control.

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Air Pollution Control Systems Sulphuric Acid Plant

Industries working in the Sulphuric acid sector need to cope with different issues regarding pollution control, plant maintenance, visible emissions, and so on.In the article you will find 3 cases of different Companies that contacted us for the supply of FiberwindTM mist eliminators, Co-knitted meshpads and a Jet Venturi scrubber.

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