Demisting tower

Here’s the installation of a demisting tower in SS304L:The combination of Tidevane and Meshpad demisters installed on the inside of the vessel will removecalcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate dust diluted into water with a 99% removal efficiency.We can also call this “double-stage scrubber”.

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ATOSPRAY SYSTEM - Atomizing Nozzles

AWS supply high-technology solutions like these atomizing nozzles and lances.The internal mixing chamber is the essential feature of these nozzles: its shape perfectly combines atomized air and liquid and cause the acceleration of the mixture. The result is an extremely fine atomization of droplets.Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about this little but effective system!

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WESP for Fertilizer industry

The second line of AWS WESP in this Fertilizer industry is finally installed and successfully working!Our Electroclean has been recruited to remove dust from a hot-crystalisation potash production plant.We are always proud to see our projects becoming reality!

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All you need is LOV

Turbine & Compressor industry? All you need is LOV!Oil Mist Eliminators are modular, safe, and low-maintenance systems aimed at oil mist removal.The collected oil mist is continuously discharged from the filter and recirculated back to the lube oil tank.

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Fiberwind plant – elements substitution

This Fiberwind plant is running since the end of 2018.The exhausted candle filters (as you can see on the left) have been replaced with brand new filters after 4 years operations.The empty cages of the old filters have been delivered back to us for repacking, ready to be installed in the next years

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