WESP Dismantling

A wise chinese saying goes: "旧的不去新的不来""If the old does not go, the new does not come" Here's below the dismantling of a WESP plant, ready to start a new career in another industry!

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AWS DISTRIFLUID - Acid Distributor

The pipes are asymmetrical to evenly distribute the H2SO4 on the bed of ceramic packings underneath. The pipes are positioned in a precise way to get the liquid exactly where we want it. Normal distributors with fixed and parallel pipes are still good products, but less accurate. The vessel contains a hydraulic system which regulates the distribution of the acid along the entire dispenser.

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Sustainable crisps

We are happy to show you the latest result of one of the long-lasting AWS projects in food industry: In the past weeks we have completed the 4th line of WESP for haze filtration, aimed at removing oil mist coming from aspiration hoods of the frying zone. Our customer can now produce crisps in the most environmental-friendly way, with low operational costs and low energy consumption!

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Complete Tidevane Separator + Vessel:

This special demister removes liquid droplet entrainment from Concentrated Non- Condensable Gas (CNCG) in a pulp & paper industry. The system is supplied with a hooked-type Tidevane mist eliminator - the best solution, in this specific case, to enhance the removal efficiency.

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EUROPE - Corporate headquarter

AWS Corporation Srl.
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